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Research Collaboration

Sl. No. Title of the collaborative activity Name of the collaborating agency with contact details Name of the participant Year of collaboration
1  Analysis of Restricted Queueing Networks – A Blocking approach  . Refereed    Farooq College, Calicut Dr. M. Manoharan (Jointly with Sreekala, M.S.) 2016
2 Beta Half Logistic Distribution – A New Probability Model for Life Time Data   Kannur University Dr. M. Manoharan (Jointly with Joby K. Jose) 2016
3 Infinite Divisibility of Some Steady State Queue Characteristics Kannur University Dr. M. Manoharan (Jointly with Joby K. Jose) 2017
4  On a New Genaralization of Pareto Distribution and Its Applications  (Marquette University, Wisconsin, USA), ( Bharathiar University Coimbathore)  K. Jayakumar, Bindu Krishnan and G.G. Hamedani 2020
5  Heavy tailed Pareto Distribution (Director, Sarvasikha Abhyan, Government of Kerala.)(JAIN University (Deemed to be)  kochi.)  K. Jayakumar, A.P. Kuttykrishnan and Bindu Krishnan 2020
6 Estimation of stress-strength reliability using discrete Phase Type distribution Kannur University M Manoharan(jointly with Joby K Jose and Drisya, M) 2020
7 On Association in Time of Markov Processes with Application to Reliability and Survival AnalysisTitle St:Thomas college, Autonomous, Thrissure M Manoharan(jointly with V M Chacko) 2020
8 General Classes of Complementary Distributions via Random Maxima and their disrete version Tanda universiy Egypt.  K Jayakumar, Girish Babu and Haasan S Bakouch  2021

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